Athlete’s Foot

athelete-foot (1)For mild cases of athletes foot, there are many over the counter antifungal creams, powders, and sprays. In general, you should wear shoes that allow better air circulation such as leather. Also, cotton socks that absorb moisture can help deter fungi from multiplying. If symptoms don’t improve with the use of store bought products, then prescription oral antifungal medications may be needed. These are generally reserved for severe cases since they are expensive and can cause side effects that must be tested for periodically.

What Causes Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot (or tinea pedis) is a fungal infection that develops in moist areas on your feet often between the toes. They are caused by microscopic organisms called dermatophytes, which live naturally on the skin and thrive in damp environments. It’s quite contagious and by far the most common type of fungal infection. It can easily be passed through direct contact with an infected person or indirectly via items such as shoes or hard surfaces. They are closely related to other types of fungal infections like jock itch and ring worm.

Below is a list of symptoms and signs commonly associated with fungal foot infections:

  • cracking or itchy skin
  • moist white sores
  • scaly lesions between toes
  • dry, scaly reddish area on bottom of foot
  • blistering lesions
  • thick patches of dry red skin
  • burning sensation
  • symptoms spread to one hand

NOTE: It is important to treat all areas of fungal infection at one time to avoid reinfection.

If you’ve had symptoms of athlete’s foot that fail to improve or get worse from over the counter products, you can request an appointment online by submitting the form on this page or call Coastal Podiatry & Wound Care at (904) 265-0470 to learn more about prescription treatments .

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