About Us

At Coastal Podiatry and Wound Care, our commitment to excellence is reflected by the skills and experience of our podiatric physician, who is certified and trained in podiatric orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Using the latest technology and approach, Dr. Timothy Syperek provides comprehensive care for all aspects of the lower leg and foot. It is our goal to ensure a speedy recovery that enables our patients to quickly resume their daily activities.

Dr. Syperek combines preventative options with surgical solutions to create the best outcome for his patients. In addition to podiatric surgical intervention, Dr. Syperek is one of the leading experts in diabetic wound care. When problems do occur, we are there to assist in selecting the best treatments to repair and re-strengthen the damaged areas.

Our two locations  make it convenient for patients to receive the highest standards of podiatric services in Northeast Florida for the comprehensive treatment of any bone, joint, tendon or ligament problem in the lower leg and foot. Learn more about our treatments here.

You can make an appointment with Coastal Podiatry and Wound Care online or call (904) 265-0470 to learn more about our individualized care.

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